Welcome, 72 hours preparedness instructor!

This page contains material intended to help you organise and speak in public events on the 72 hours concept.

1) PowerPoint presentation

Here is a PowerPoint presentation created for public events. The presentation is intended for both in-person events and online webinars.

The content has been put together by the Finnish National Rescue Association, and the publishing rights of visual elements have been agreed with the illustrator. The illustrations are a part of the 72 hours brand and may not be used for other purposes.

PowerPoint presentation for public events on the 72 hours concept (latest version updated on the 17th of August 2023)

2) Background material

Here you’ll find a PDF file with background material on the 72 hours preparedness recommendation and topics related to home preparedness. You can use it to get tips for the presentation you are organising. The material is intended for you and should not be shared with others.

Background material for 72 hours instructors


72 hours banner.

3) Marketing material

You can save the 72 hours logo shown on this page and use it for marketing an upcoming public event on the 72 hours concept online or in social media channels. The logo has been used in the past on the event calendar pages of municipalities’ and local newspapers’ websites, for example. If you want to market the event on social media, you can also use the images from the image bank created by SPEK.

Examples of how to market the event:
Could you cope if your electricity and water went out for three days?
Come discuss what supplies and items you should have at home and what skills everyone should learn in case a storm knocks out power, for example!
Place, date and time OR information on how to join the webinar.
The event is organised by x, y, and z.
The event is free of charge.

4) Certificate to participants

If you wish, you can give out certificates to people who attended the event. Use the enclosed template and add the participant’s name and the location and date of the event. If the event is a webinar, you can leave out the location and email the certificate as a PDF attachment file.

Certificate of participation in the 72 hours training

5) Printed materials

You can order “Home preparedness” brochures  for the participants of the public event free of charge from SPEK’s webstore.

SPEK´s webstore