72 H

Could you cope on your own in an emergency? For 72 hours?

The 72h concept demonstrates the importance of self-preparedness. Not even the best public service can simultaneously respond to all of the requests for assistance during storms, floods or widespread power outages. Seventy-two hours is the time frame within which self-preparedness can help you get along better and aid society in its emergency response.

The 72h training

  • Suits everyone
  • Shows how to organise self-preparedness
  • Helps identify risks
  • Provides the basics for household safety
  • Shows how to learn safety skills and how to practice them

Search our social media for 72h training events or ask different NGOs. These training events are organised by volunteer instructors from different NGOs who have undergone the Finnish National Rescue Association’s 72h preparedness training syllabus. Anyone interested in organising this training should look for instructors through our instructor search.


Look for an instructor

72 h instructors are experts trained by The Finnish National Rescue Association (SPEK). During short training events, instructors learn about urban preparedness, how to recognise risks and how to become brave actors. It is strictly forbidden to use instructors’ contact details for marketing or research purposes.



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